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Clip Without Clipping




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Saturate Detail Preserving Clipper

  • Permanent License for Saturate, the Detail Preserving Clipper

  • 24 Professional Presets



Full Elevate Mastering Bundle

  • Permanent Licenses for

    • Elevate Mastering Limiter

    • Saturate Spectral Clipper

    • EQuivocate Human Ear EQ

    • Punctuate Intelligent Transient Designer

  • Over 200 Professional and Artist presets

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Add some loudness and grit to your instrument or mix. Transparently reduce the dynamic range, or overdrive it and make it gel.  The unique detail preservation maintains the fine detail that you lose with other clippers.​ Allowing you to clip without clipping.



Saturate's controls belie a sophisticated signal processing engine which allows it to overdrive a signal without losing fine detail no matter how hard you push it.

Add up to 24 dB of overdrive without losing the fine detail from the audio source, or creating a “tubby” or muffled sound. Additionally, the SHAPE control allows you to smoothly morph between hard clipping and the mathematically smoothest curve possible. Use Saturate to overdrive individual tracks or your entire mix.

Add Impact to Sampled Drums

Saturate can be used to add impact and grit to sampled drums for an aggressive Hip Hop vibe. Here's a drum loop played by the one and only Clyde Stubblefield before and after Saturate's Hard Hitter preset.



  • (NEW!) Saturate 1.10 adds an anti-aliasing mode removes aliasing artifacts better than oversampling

  • (NEW!) Saturate 1.10 adds a unique Symmetry control allows you to add even harmonics for a richer tone

  • (NEW!) Saturate 1.10 adds a ceiling control allows you to set the clipping threshold

  • Saturation plug-in ideal for single tracks or the entire mix

  • Unique Detail Preservation algorithm maintains tonal balance and fine detail for an open and pleasant saturation sound

  • Smoothly adjust from the softest to the hardest possible clipping shape

  • Independent INPUT and OUTPUT levels, with AUTO output level scaling for easy and precise gain scaling

  • Saturation Curve Display and Meter shows you how your signal is hitting the selected clipping shape

  • Mastering Quality Input and Output metering show you both peak and RMS levels



Any audio signal can be broken down into a number of sine waves at different frequencies.  When you overdrive that signal the higher amplitude low frequencies can often swamp the midrange and higher frequencies that your ear is more sensitive to.  Because of this, signals under heavy overdrive can lose some of their finer detail and sound “tubby”, "woofy" or “muddy”.  This is because the lower amplitude sine waves of the midrange and high frequencies are being removed by the saturator when the low frequencies are at the top and bottom of their swing.  This causes shifts in the tonal balance which are dependent on the frequency content of the signal.

Saturate uses a special Detail Preservation algorithm that adds this finer detail back into the saturated signal.  The signal is still saturated based on the curve, but the sine waves at different frequencies are treated independently, meaning that the large low frequencies don’t crowd out the finer detail frequencies, and that the tonal balance at the output is the same as the input - with only harmonics added.

Saturate also uses a very efficient anti-aliasing method that removed aliasing artifacts as well as very high oversampling with a fraction of the CPU resources.


Compatible with...

macOS 10.9+
64-bit AAX, AU, VST, VST3
All formats are Apple Silicon Compati

Windows 10+
64-bit AAX, VST, VST3

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