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Invigorate is a unique dynamics processor purpose built to add glue and life to your mix, drum bus, or any other element. The intuitive radar control allows a seamless transition from energetic compression, through aggressive limiting, to rich overdrive; gluing your mix and giving it presence.

The result brings your mix forward and gives it the energy you need for a finished record.



Invigorate's unique radar display allows you to morph from compression, through limiting, all the way to overdrive.


Quickly and easily find the perfect character to bring attention to your mix, bus, or track.

Audio Examples

ELYXR - La Di Da

No Invigorate
With Invigorate

This is an example of how Invigorate was used while mixing ELYXR's beautiful La Di Da. I'll let Kasson Crooker put it in his own words...

"ELYXR normally doesn't use much compression or limiting on the main mix groups, and reserves the more aggressive limiting to the final mastering process. However, as a test we employed 4 individual Invigorate plugins on each of the main mix groups:  Drums, Bass Synths, Lead Synths, and Vocals.  I could dial in the exact amount of push, presence, limiting, and even a bit of overdrive to get a more powerful sound out of each of those groups that was more custom-tailored for the mix needs of each group. The result was a more powerful final mix going into the mastering process where we already had a stronger unified mix, more presence and power, and ultimately needed much less hard-limiting in the final mastering stage. Very happy with how Invigorate improved the overall sonic quality of the busses, had a very intuitive UI to get to the right sound quickly, and prepped the final mix for lighter touch during mastering. Definitely going to use this method on all my mixes moving forward!"

Parallel Lines


(Run The Jewels, New Order,

No Doubt, Tycho DJ Shadow)

“My new mix bus compressor. Invigorate is the only compressor that allows me to push my mix bus without destroying it."