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Invigorate Release Notes


   1. There’s now a LINK knob in the Level Detector section which controls the stereo linking.

   2. The Gain Reduction meter is now scaled by the MIX knob. I think this helps people understand how much gain reduction is actually being applied.

   3. Fixed a bug where the radar control wasn’t writing automation data in some hosts.

   4. Added little EQ curves above each tone control button, this helps people see what the plug-in is doing at a glance, especially when stepping through presets.

   5. Made the whole plug-in UI dim when bypassed, and made the individual tone sections dim when bypassed.

   6. Control, option, and shift clicking now works in the tone control section. You can also double click to type in a value.

   7. You can now reliably grab the radar control when the dot is against the edge of it.

   8. Gain Reduction meters now default to 0dB.

   9. Fixed a bug where Invigorate could sometimes instantiate at a size larger than the screen on high DPI windows displays.

   10. The SETTINGS page now contains a SHOW METERS button which toggles the glow in the radar display, as well as the envelope meter in the level detector section and the curve display in the curve section.

   11. The SETTINGS page also contains a BRIGHTNESS control for these same meters, so you can dim them if you prefer.



   1. New artist presets from Damian Taylor (The Prodigy, Bjork, The Killers)

   2. New artist presets from John Nathaniel (OneRepublic, Shawn Mendes)


   1. Initial Release

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