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Elevate Mastering Bundle 1.8

(AKA: Get up with the shrink down)

Elevate Mastering Bundle has been had runaway success from the moment it was introduced, and over time we've added many additional features and even two new plug-ins to the bundle. However, the biggest feature request has always been for a resizable UI, and my answer has always been, "Yeah, a lot of people are asking for that, but I'll have to rewrite the whole UI to make it work."

Well that was the past, because we have now rewritten the whole UI to implement a variable scale between 1/4 the original size and 4 times the original size. So whether you're working on a 13" Macbook Air, or an 88" flatscreen Elevate (and EQuivocate, and Punctuate, and Saturate) will fit on your screen.

In order to try it out just download the free 1.8 installers from

If you don't have Elevate Mastering Bundle it's on sale now!


What else?

While we were in there we took the opportunity to draw the scrolling meters whether the OpenGL renderer was on or off. So now, in the SETTINGS page you can change OPENGL on or off, and separately choose VISUALIZATIONS on or off. Generally, we've found that Macs run smoother with OPENGL on and Windows machines run smoother with it off, however, it's really machine dependent, so if you're having trouble, try both modes, and remember that you'll need to close and re-open the UI after making that change.

Other than that, Elevate Mastering Limiter is still the best tool for making loud masters that actually sound good. (Learn More.)

EQuivocate is still a unique EQ based on the human perception of sound, with an unrivaled match eq. (Learn More.)

Saturate is still the only mastering clipper that preserves fine detail. (Learn More.)

And Punctuate is still a phenomenal transient shaper which uses psychoacoustics to emphasize or suppress transients without effecting the rest of the sound. (Learn More.)

Until Next Time, Dan

In addition to major feature explanations like this, I've been doing preset deconstructions on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Come check them out.

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