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Generate 1.3

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

(All the new features!!!)

The response to Generate has been fantastic. However, there have been a number of really great feature requests and we’ve been working hard to implement these. In addition, we had some ideas of our own we wanted to try. So we did all these things and now you have the highest numbered Generate yet, Generate 1.3!!! (Free update for all registered users.)

What’s new in Generate 1.3? How about…


1. FX Modulation!!!

An EQ Setting with Three Modulated Bands

Even in beta the most requested feature for Generate was the ability to modulate the effects. Generate 1.3 adds the ability to a number of the effects parameters and it’s really a lot of fun. You can now modulate Chorus, Delay, and Reverb Amount; Delay Time and Feedback; and the Frequency and Gain for each EQ Band.

In addition, we’ve improved the EQ UI to make it obvious what’s happening with the modulation.

And finally, we’ve added a new WARP mode to the delay so that when you modulate the delay time you can have fun warping effects if you need.

2. Saturate Wavefolder!!!

We have a very popular plug-in called Saturate which creates a warm smooth overdrive sound. We thought Generate could use some more warm and smooth sounds itself, so we turned the Saturate curve into a wavefolder and added it to Generate. It’s a great addition, and it’s really great at making PWM sounds.

3. Bent 259 Wavefolder!!!

We’ve been doing a lot of experiments with the Model Bending technique introduced in this blog post. One of the results of this experimentation is the new Bent 259 wavefolder.

The Bent 259 wavefolder started life as an analog model of the Buchla 259 wavefolder, but then we went and messed with the mathematics of that analog model in a process similar to circuit bending. We changed the math in ways that wouldn’t be possible in an analog circuit to create an analog model of something that could never exist. The result is a funky warm wavefolder that makes some pretty pleasant sounds. For a deeper dive into this model bending process stay tuned to this blog for an upcoming Bent 259 wavefolder exposé.

4. Updated Sequencer!!!

Several people requested the ability to see which step the step sequencer was on. That was a very reasonable request and we added it. In addition we added a RANDOMIZE button that will randomize the sequencer slider settings, and we added a new Pulse Width sequencer output. The Pulse Width Output will output a pulse signal whose length is determined by the active step’s slider value.

5. New Stereo Voicing Algorithm!!!

The Stereo Width control in Poly mode would pan the voices based on the order they were played. However, it would always pan voices wide first which would sometimes sound funny. There is now an option for a CENTER or WIDE mode. WIDE mode does the same thing as before, but CENTER starts voices off in the middle and adds them increasingly wide as you play more notes. I think it gives a more natural stereo feel.

6. New Presets

New features need new presets to show them off and we have a bunch of new presets including some great ones from Matt Lange, DATABROTH, SonalSystem, and Hunnidyard.

7. Native Apple Silicon Support

Generate for Mac now ships as a universal binary which will run native on Intel and Apple Silicon chips. It’s future proof!

Thanks for reading about Generate 1.3. If you haven’t already grabbed the free update, go get the installer here.

Also, on sale here.

Thanks, Dan

If you got this far and don't have these synths go here to get Generate and here to get Pendulate.

In addition to major feature explanations like this, I've been doing preset deconstructions on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Come check them out.

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Oct 23, 2022

Hi there... loving the new features! Is it possible to move thorugh presets using MIDI Program Change or to use MIDI Learn on the Increment/Decrement arrows?


Sep 27, 2022

La verdad, no me esperaba esta tremenda máquina...


Nov 23, 2021

Cool! I can't wait to hear these updates.

Nov 23, 2021
Replying to

Wait no more, go get it now!

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