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Pendulate Release Notes

1.3.7 (Mac Only):

1. Added support for macOS Ventura.


1. Fixed a potential initialization bug.


1. Improved UI performance.


1. Fixed an issue where version 1.3.0 was loading LFO times from older presets incorrectly.


1. Added Triplets to the LFO

2. Subtle usability improvements to the modulation system.

1.2.5 (Mac Only):

1. Native support for Apple Silicon



1. Added support for new tunings via MTS-ESP
2. Added master pitch modulation to the Pitch Bend knob.
3. Put the Generator Interval Parameter on a full knob and made it a modulation destination.
4. Added modulation to the LFO and Envelope sections.
5. Added a LOOP mode to the Envelope, allowing it to function as an LFO.
6. Added a modulatable Output Level control to the LFO.  Also added a Bipolar switch allowing it to have bipolar outputs.
7. New presets from SonalSystem


1. Added Resizable UI.
2. Added Midi Learn: Right click a parameter to learn a Midi CC value.
3. Improved the Twin Turbo and Newfangled color schemes.
4. Fixed some UI drawing bugs.
5. Fixed a bug with the note pitch value rarely getting stuck.


1. Made sure the the RND button returns unique random presets in all hosts, platforms, and plug-in types.
2. Made sure the Output Level and Pitch Bend are properly restored in all hosts, platforms, and plug-in types.



1. Added new presets from Black Sheep
2. Fixed some clicks in audio output after changing a preset while playing
3. Fixed a potential crash when running multiple instances with DRAW CABLES ALWAYS, and a related UI bug
4. Reduced the CPU overhead of painting the UI



1. Fixed an issue where some MPE controllers would produce dead notes.



1. Initial Release

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