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Generate Release Notes


   1. Preset RESCAN no longer hangs with very large preset collections.

   2. Clearer descriptions for Unknown preset Categories and Banks.

   3. Punctuate input meters now show the proper values.


   1. Third Party Banks are now shown in the main dropdown.

   2. Author and Banks now show presets by category as well.

   3. EXPORT is now called SAVE AS and SAVE is now SAVE TO USER

   4. Neither SAVE nor SAVE AS will clear tags, category, or description

   5. SAVE AS remembers your previous save position

   6. Added scroll bar to the LIBRARY page

   7. LIBRARY page has resizable columns

   8. Removed duplicate files when saving a .tide as a .nfa

   9. ACTIVE button is gone from the LIBRARY and SAVE pages


1. Automatically rescans plug-ins folder on every open.


1. New preset librarian adds Categories, Tags, Descriptions, Artist links, Favorites, and Search to all presets.

2. Multi level undo/redo for easier workflow.

3. True A/B comparison for making better mixing decisions.

4. SET AS DEFAULT button allows you to save any settings as your default.


1. Support for AAX Silicon Native (Mac Only)

2. Plug-ins default to OpenGL Off on Windows

3. Removed support for Windows 8 (Windows Only)

1.3.7 (Mac Only)

1. Added support for macOS Ventura.


1. Fixed a potential initialization bug.


1. 81 new artist presets from The Unfinished (Dune, No Time To Die) and Spektralisk (Moonfall, Edict).

2. Improved UI performance.


1. Fixed an issue where version 1.3.0 was loading LFO times from older presets incorrectly.


1. New SATURATE wavefolder type is based on the soft clipping algorithm from the SATURATE plug-in, with some twists.  Does really great PWM sounds.

2. New BENT 259 wavefolder type is a "model bent" version of the Buchla 259 wavefolder that produces smoother sounds.

3. FX Modulation: Added modulation targets for some of the EQ, Chorus, Delay, and Reverb controls

4. Updated Sequencer with Randomization, Pulse Width output, and new UI

5. Added Triplets to LFOs, Sample and Hold, and Delay Modules.

6. Added a new Stereo Voicing algorithm to the poly mode so single notes don’t get panned hard left or right

7. Delay WARP mode creates BBD style warping sounds when you change or modulate the delay time.

8. Subtle usability improvements to the modulation system.

9. New artist presets from Matt Lange, DATABROTH, SonalSystem, and Hunnidyard

1.2.5 (Mac Only)

1. Native support for Apple Silicon


1. New Helix generator mode is based on spirals, creating a bright chaotic sound.
2. New Crescent generator mode is a bright with a clean clear tone.
3. New Magma generator mode is smooth and warm, with a clear vintage tone, and is useful for making very playable sounds.
4. Added support for new tunings via MTS-ESP.
5. Added master pitch modulation to the Pitch Bend knob.
6. Put the Generator Interval Parameter on a full sized knob and made it a modulation destination.
7. Added modulation to the LFOs, Envelopes, and S+H module.
8. Added a LOOP mode to the Envelopes, turning them into LFOs.
9. Added a modulatable Output Level control to the LFOs and Sample and Hold modules.  Also added a Bipolar switch allowing them to be bipolar outputs.
10. New presets from SonalSystem



1. Added Resizable UI.

2. Added Midi Learn: Right click a parameter to learn a Midi CC value.
3. Improved the Twin Turbo and Newfangled color schemes.
4. Improved voice panning in Poly mode.
5. Added new artist presets from Adam Schatz and Black Sheep Audio.
6. Fixed an issue in the DRIFT control, making it more noticeable.
7. Fixed some UI drawing bugs.
8. Fixed a bug with the note pitch value rarely getting stuck.



1. Made sure the the RND button returns unique random presets in all hosts, platforms, and plug-in types.
2. Made sure the Output Level and Pitch Bend are properly restored in all hosts, platforms, and plug-in types.



1. Added new presets including artist presets from Robert Dudzic and Black Sheep, bringing total to 658
2. Generate can now load Pendulate presets - try playing these in Poly mode.
3. Fixed some clicks in audio output after changing a preset while playing
4. Fixed a potential crash when running multiple instances with DRAW CABLES ALWAYS, and a related UI bug
5. Reduced the CPU overhead of painting the UI



1. Initial Release

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