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Elevate Mastering Bundle Release Notes

1.13.2 (5/31/2024)

 1. Added artist presets from Maor Appelbaum

 2. Fixed a crash on preset save under certain conditions

1.13.0 (5/4/2024)

   1. Preset name is now saved with Session

   2. Fixed reveal preset folder on Windows

   3. Unknown is now No Category

   4. Enter button saves preset on preset save page

   5. User Bank is added to the preset drop down list

   6. Added cycle UI message to OpenGL Button

   7. Added IMPORT button for presets

   8. Favorite flags are now persistent load and save, even when modified

   9. Made logos render more clearly on Windows

   10. Passes Windows Smart Screen


   1. Fixes a potential crash and/or distortion that could be caused with DETAIL PRESERVATION on and SHAPE off (Saturate only).


   1. Preset RESCAN no longer hangs with very large preset collections.

   2. Clearer descriptions for Unknown preset Categories and Banks.

   3. Punctuate input meters now show the proper values.


   1. Third Party Banks are now shown in the main dropdown.

   2. Author and Banks now show presets by category as well.

   3. EXPORT is now called SAVE AS and SAVE is now SAVE TO USER

   4. Neither SAVE nor SAVE AS will clear tags, category, or description

   5. SAVE AS remembers your previous save position

   6. Added scroll bar to the LIBRARY page

   7. LIBRARY page has resizable columns

   8. Removed duplicate files when saving a .tide as a .nfa


1. Automatically rescans plug-ins folder on every open.

2. Delta Listen Mode now works correctly for high DRIVE values. (Saturate Only)


1.  New preset librarian adds Categories, Tags, Descriptions, Artist links, Favorites, and Search to presets.

2. Multi level undo/redo for easier workflow.

3. True A/B comparison for making better mixing decisions.

4. New Delta Listen Mode allows you to hear the changes being applied to your input.

5. SET AS DEFAULT button allows you to save any settings as your default.


1. Support for AAX Silicon Native (Mac Only)

2. Improved performance on Windows machines (Windows Only)

3. Plug-ins default to OpenGL Off on Windows

4. Removed support for Windows 8 (Windows Only)

1.10.2 (Mac Only)

1. Added support for macOS Ventura.


1. Fixed a potential initialization bug.

2. (Windows Only) Rolled Elevate, EQuivocate, and Punctuate back to 1.8.2 for improved DSP performance on Windows. 


1. Saturate’s new Anti-Aliasing mode removes aliasing.

2. Saturate’s new Ceiling control allows you to set the clipping threshold.

3. Saturate’s new Symmetry control allows you to generate even as well as odd harmonics.

4. Improved UI performance

1.9.1 (Mac Only)

1. Fix Pro Tools bypass button

2. Fix problem with Saturate Drive at 0dB

3. Fix Saturate's latency reporting

1.9.0 (Mac Only)

1. Native support for Apple Silicon



1. Added resizable UI, click and drag the bottom right corner to resize.
2. Animated meters can now be drawn with or without OpenGL.



1. Added DETAIL PRESERVATION knob to Saturate which allows you to control the amount of audio detail that’s preserved while clipping.

2. Added gain reduction meter to Saturate.

3. Added scrolling waveform meter to Saturate, allowing you to see how hard you’re clipping the peaks.

4. Removed 32-bit Windows builds.

5. Signed Windows installers.



1. Fixed preset location

2. Fixed the INFO button so that it launches the manual again.



1. Plug-ins now load and work in Garage Band in Catalina

2. Fixed error message when installing VST3 without VST2 on Mac

3. Fixed potential crash


1.6.2 (Mac Only)

1. Fixed Tooltips


1.6.1 (Mac Only)

1. Support for OSX Catalina
2. Moved Plug-ins from the Eventide subdirectory to the Newfangled Audio subdirectory
3. Moved Presets and Manuals from the ~/Documents/Eventide directory to the ~/Music/Newfangled Audio directory


1.5.15 (Windows Only)

1. Fixed an issue where plug-ins might get blacklisted in Cubase 10


1.5.12 (Windows Only)
1. Fix an issue where plug-ins would crash on Windows 7

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